Students interested in teacher education are those who expect to teach in a K-12 setting. To obtain a license to teach in Illinois, the student must graduate from an approved Teacher Education Program. Students can earn an Associate in Arts degree at Carl Sandburg College and then transfer to a senior institution like Knox, Western, Monmouth, Illinois State, or Bradley.

There is a wide variety of career options. Once students transfer, they will specialize by grade level and subject area expertise. There is a high demand for teachers in math, science and special education. The program at Carl Sandburg College can help you set the direction and assist with a smooth transition to the senior institution. Salaries vary widely depending on location and other factors such as the willingness to sponsor extracurricular activities. Wage Estimates are for Illinois and were found at Bureau of Labor website for Illinois 2014 wage Estimates.

Area Median Salary
Elementary $54,550
Middle School $55,860
Secondary $57,200
Special Education $56,800