The following is a list of the Sandburg partnerships. For more information about a specific partnership, students can speak with their assigned academic advisor. For general questions, please contact Rick Eddy, Director of Admissions and Records at or call 309.341.5234.

Bellevue University
Bellevue University and Carl Sandburg College have an agreement where students who obtain their associate’s degree from Sandburg will enter Bellevue at a Junior status. Bellevue University, located in Bellevue, NE, offers many online programs including a degree in Cyber Security and Game Studies.

Carl Sandburg/Knox College Dual Enrollment
Carl Sandburg College and Knox College have partnered on a dual enrollment program for students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Knox upon completing an associate degree at Sandburg.  Students can apply for the dual admission program as early as their senior year in high school through the beginning of their sophomore year of college (30 semester hours). Students accepted to the program must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average. To learn more about the program.

Chamberlain College of Nursing
Chamberlain College of Nursing is a not for profit Nursing college, offering degrees ranging from Bachelor’s degrees through Doctoral degrees in Nursing. Sandburg’s agreement offers students who receive their RN degree from Sandburg to transfer into their BSN program.

Culver Stockton College
Carl Sandburg College has signed an agreement with Culver-Stockton College (Canton, MO) designed to ease the concerns of Sandburg students who wish to transfer to Culver-Stockton. The partnership involves the articulation of all of Carl Sandburg’s classes to a course equivalent at Culver-Stockton. This agreement should create seamless transfer opportunities for our students.

Franklin University
Carl Sandburg College has a partnership with Franklin University to provide opportunities for students at two-year colleges to complete their bachelor’s degree without leaving their local community college. Students earn their associate’s degree plus approximately 24 semester credit hours of “bridge” coursework, all from their local college. While taking bridge courses at their community college, students also complete a minimum of 40 semester credit hours of bachelor’s degree courses online from Franklin University. Students in this program have access to Sandburg’s computers, advising, and library services, as well has having access to support services from Franklin via distance modes. For details about this program, please contact an advisor/counselor in the Student Services Office on the Galesburg campus (309-341-5237).

Illinois College
The partnership between Carl Sandburg College and Illinois College (Jacksonville, IL) allows Sandburg graduates the opportunity to begin the transfer process during their first year of study at Sandburg. Students will work with academic advisors from both institutions to make the transfer process as easy as possible. Illinois College are starting new majors in Criminal Justice and Agribusiness among others

Illinois Central College Surgical Technologist Program
This partnership between Carl Sandburg College and Illinois Central College (East Peoria, IL) provides educational opportunities for students within Sandburg’s District who wish to complete a certificate or an Associate’s degree as a surgical technologist. Students enroll in all technical and program-specific courses at ICC but may take general education courses and preparatory courses at Sandburg. For details about this program, please contact an advisor/counselor in the Student Services Office on the Galesburg campus (309-341-5237).

Indiana Wesleyan University
Indiana Wesleyan University is giving Carl Sandburg College students the opportunity to continue their education through online studies. The primary program in the partnership benefits those who are wishing to pursue their B.S.N. at Indiana Wesleyan but there are several other degrees available through the agreement.

Lincoln College
Carl Sandburg College and Lincoln College have a partnership that provides an articulation agreement that simplifies the transfer process for Sandburg students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree at Lincoln College. Sandburg graduates with an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) will have met all general education requirements for Lincoln College-Normal. Also, Sandburg graduates with an AA, AS or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree who meet the requirements for Lincoln’s Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) program (at least 23 years old and a minimum of three years’ post-high school full-time employment) will be automatically admitted to Lincoln. Lincoln also will transfer in all credits from a Sandburg AAS degree for graduates who enroll in one of Lincoln’s AAS Capstone Degree programs (Bachelor of Applied Management in Entrepreneurship or Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership).

Monmouth College Pipeline Program
Carl Sandburg College has entered into a partnership with Monmouth College which allows students at Sandburg to transfer to Monmouth College while having the opportunity to utilize some of the resources at Monmouth College while working toward their associate’s degree. Sandburg students have the opportunity to work with academic advisors from both institutions during to help insure that the transfer process runs smoothly.  Graduates from Sandburg are guaranteed Junior status upon completing their degree and have access to some of the facilities and activities at Monmouth College while at Carl Sandburg.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Dental Hygiene
All graduates of Sandburg’s A.A.S. degree in Dental Hygiene who meet SIUC entrance requirements will receive preferential status when being reviewed for admission to SIUC’s Bachelor of Science degree in Dental hygiene. This partnership guarantees that Sandburg’s A.A.S. Dental Hygiene degree recipients will be able to complete SIU’s B.S. Dental Hygiene degree with a total of no more than 60 semester hours of work at SIUC. For details about this program, please contact an advisor/counselor in the Student Services Office on the Galesburg campus (309-341-5237).

St. Ambrose University
Carl Sandburg College and St. Ambrose University announced a new Dual Admission Agreement Program (DUAPP) with several benefits, including a new scholarship, during a news conference Monday at Sandburg’s Main Campus in Galesburg. Students who transfer from Sandburg and are enrolled in the DUAPP will receive an additional $1,000 annual scholarship beyond other SAU academic and institutional scholarships and aid. They also lock in general education graduation requirements; meet regularly with a St. Ambrose advisor while still enrolled at Sandburg; and can take advantage of the St. Ambrose Career Development Center, library, athletics facilities, free admission to fine arts events and home games and co-curricular opportunities within their major.

“This is a great opportunity for our students. It allows our students, the moment they start here, to be able to have that final goal of a four-year degree,” Carl Sandburg College President Dr. Lori Sundberg said. “It helps with retention and completion for us, and it provides for St. Ambrose a student who is ready to be there as a junior.”

For more information about the agreement, contact Rick Eddy, director of admissions and records at Sandburg, at 309.341.5234 or, or Maureen Baldwin, dean of student academic services at St. Ambrose, at 563.333.6059 or

University of Illinois at Springfield (Peoria Campus) Transfer Agreement
Carl Sandburg College and the University of Illinois Springfield-Peoria Center have partnered to offer students a new transfer option for students studying accounting and business administration. Under the agreement, students who graduate from Sandburg with their associate degree could make a seamless transfer to the UIS-Peoria Center to complete their bachelor’s in accounting or business administration in just two more years.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Associate in Science Degree (Emphasis in Agriculture)
Carl Sandburg College and the University of Illinois – Champaign have entered into a partnership, where a student may receive an Associate in Science degree from Carl Sandburg College with an emphasis in Agriculture.  Students with an interest in Agriculture would enroll in classes at Sandburg and take a total of 12 credit hours of Agriculture classes through online studies at UIUC, along with their Sandburg curriculum.  These courses do require one or two trips to the Champaign-Urbana campus per semester.  Completion of this program will give students an advantage should they wish to pursue their Bachelor’s degree at UIUC but does not guarantee admission to the university. Students are urged to concurrently meet with an advisor from the college that they wish to transfer to during the course of their studies at Carl Sandburg.

Western Illinois University - Associate In General Studies
Carl Sandburg College and Western Illinois University have agreed to facilitate the transfer of students who are enrolled in Carl Sandburg College’s Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Applied Science and Associate in General Education degree programs to Western Illinois University’s Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts (BOT/BA) Degree Program. This program is specifically designed for place-bound students allowing them to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree without being required to relocate. For details about this program, please contact an advisor/counselor in the Student Services Office on the Galesburg campus (309-341-5237).