Offered at ICC Peoria Campus (Illinois Central College Reciprocal Agreement)

Students may work towards a certificate or applied science degree in surgical technology. Coursework is primarily taken at the ICC Peoria Campus. Each student receives a variety of clinical experiences in all the surgical specialties at area hospitals. Qualified instructors are with students at each clinical location. ICC's program is a fast-paced, demanding curriculum requiring higher order thinking processes.


Graduates of the Surgical Technology program may seek employment in a variety of health care settings. Career opportunities include major operating room surgical suites, outpatient surgical facilities, obstetrical departments, oral surgeon/plastic surgeon surgical suites, private scrub for a surgeon, diener (help pathologist during autopsy), and harvesting team for the Red Cross.


Working Conditions

Surgical technologists prepare patients and help the surgical team prepare for surgery. Today's surgical technologist also must know how to assemble and trouble shoot high tech equipment and instrumentation. Typically, surgical techs stand for several hours at a time and must maintain their attention on the task at hand. Most surgery is performed during the day, but many hospitals require 24-hour coverage. Most positions are 40-hour work weeks but also require periodic on-call times.



Surgical technology is a rapidly expanding career. Currently there are job openings with sign-on bonuses locally and across the country. Pay is competitive with other health careers with similar educational requirements. There are employment opportunities in surgical suites during the program. Locally, beginning surgical technologists earn $10.80 - $14.00 per hour.